What is it like working as a Trainee Solicitor at Rothera Sharp?

Trainee Solicitor - Billy Shaw, Rothera Sharp Solicitors, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

A training contract with Rothera Sharp offers variety, responsibility, and the chance to play a big part in the firm and the wider community – but don’t just take our word for it.  Current Trainee Solicitor Billy Shaw who has been with the firm for seven months, describes how he has found the experience so far and what he believes are the biggest benefits of working for Rothera Sharp.

There are countless benefits of getting a training contract with Rothera Sharp, but to name a few, I think the main perks are:

  • the work;
  • the people and culture; and
  • the opportunities

The work

We are a full service law firm, with a strong regional presence in the East Midlands. We offer personal and commercial legal services, which as trainees gives us opportunities to make our training contract varied and experience significantly different practice areas.

My first (and current) seat is in litigation, and the range of work in this department ensures that my training is exciting, fast paced and varied. I get the chance to engage with both commercial and personal clients. Already I have been involved in a vast range of work in this contentious practice area including:

  • Property disputes;
  • Contentious probate;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Construction disputes; and
  • Commercial/corporate disputes.

The level of responsibility and supervision we benefit from as trainees at Rothera Sharp means that we can develop our personal and professional skills, for example I was exposed to client contact early on in my training contract. The trust the firm displayed in me from the start of my contract has also allowed me to develop my confidence, client facing skills and interpersonal skills.

The people and culture

 Since I joined the firm, I immediately sensed its friendly and sociable culture. It really is a pleasure to work with the Rothera Sharp team. The nonhierarchical feeling across the firm allows me to feel comfortable approaching people (partners included) for advice or assistance, which is very important in your training contract.

The firm encourages trainees to engage with the Nottingham Junior Lawyers Division (NJLD) and Nottinghamshire Law Society events and organises internal monthly socials. Some of the previous socials run by the firm have included escape rooms, croquet, treasure hunts around Nottingham and more. We are also planning on organising indoor rock climbing and cocktail making. As a trainee, you are likely to get the opportunity to be part of the social committee and be involved in organising social events for the firm. We also hold an excellent Christmas party, which is the firm’s way of thanking you for your service throughout the year.

 The opportunities

As trainees at Rothera Sharp, we are given a large say in the seats we wish to undertake. We have regular one-to-one meetings with our trainee supervisor who is keen to ensure that our training contracts are guided by the practice areas we want to qualify into or experience.

Trainees are also encouraged to get involved in other things such as networking, business development and CSR. The firm organises regular client networking events throughout the year in order to maintain and build relationships with our existing and potential clients. Networking with clients is an important skill for lawyers, and so the opportunity to engage with clients at these events gives us valuable networking experience that will stand us in good stead upon qualification. The firm is also involved with several legal advice clinics across Nottingham. It is a pleasure to get involved with these clinics and training aside, helping the community on a pro bono basis gives you a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

What next?

If you want excellent training, varied exposure to a broad range of work, a great work/life balance and to genuinely enjoy your training experience, apply to Rothera Sharp’s training contract now: https://rotherasharp.co.uk/vacancy-trainee-solicitor/

Billy Shaw - Rothera Sharp Solicitors Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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