Trans employees need more support at work suggests new research

Prejudice can be a daily experience for trans people but poor awareness from employers about the challenges they face can leave them isolated at work, according to new research from Acas.

A new study commissioned by workplace experts Acas reveals that:

– Many employers are not up to speed with the law on gender reassignment discrimination, which protects some trans employees from unfair treatment at work;

-It is often left to the victims of transphobia themselves to inform their managers about the details of the Equalities Act 2010; and

– Trans people not covered by the Act are even more at risk of being treated unfairly because employers have even less understanding of their experiences.

It is without doubt that trans people are better supported in UK workplaces now compared to 20 years ago but employees should remain on top of recommendations and some have a long way to go to create a positive environment for those who identify as the ‘T’ in LGBT, says Acas.

Figures from the organisation say that nine out of ten trans people have suffered from depression so employers should ensure that managers are properly trained to support them.

Acas says the following considerations for employers from the research are vital:

– Employers must not disclose an employee’s gender identity without their consent apart from in exception set out in law. And there should be clear protocols for data management to avoid any non-consensual disclosure.

– Employers should provide managers with good quality diversity and inclusion training.

– All trans employees should be treated fairly, irrespective of whether their gender identity is protected by the Equality Act 2010.

– Employers should consider how to raise awareness of trans issues and encourage the use of LGBT champions.

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