Certainty Wills Register

Certainty Wills Register.

Rothera Sharp is a founding member of Certainty Wills Register.

We will happily store your will in our strongroom, but when you die – perhaps many years from now – are you sure your relatives will know or remember where you stored your will?

The answer is to ask us to register the existence of your will (but not its contents) with Certainty Wills Register.  This register allows you, Charities and the public to register a Will and to search for missing Wills.  It is quick and easy to register a Will and simple for family members to search for a Will.  Protect your family today and register your Will with Certainty Wills register

This added safeguard gives you peace of mind and is all part of the Rothera Sharp service.

Anyone searching for your Will after you die will have their details forwarded to us, so everything remains confidential.

Ask us for further details or visit www.certainty.co.uk