Personal Injury Case Studies

Personal Injury Case Studies – read our latest case studies, highlighting how we have been able to assist clients who have suffered a personal injury:

Medical Negligence

Elisabeth Halls in the Personal Injury Team acted for a client with a medical negligence claim against the local authority.  Our client was injured by an animal whilst at work. When he visited hospital for treatment for his injuries, the health authority failed to carry out an x-ray to establish all of our client’s injuries.

Our client suffered a punctured lung as a result of broken ribs which would have been picked up if the x-ray had been carried out.

The Health Authority accepted liability and we settled the claim by negotiation. Damages in excess of £10,000 were secured for the client as he made a good recovery after a frightening and painful event.

Public Liability

Elisabeth Halls at Rothera Sharp settled a case at court where a client was at a cafeteria and the leg of the table was uneven so that when they sat down a pot of scalding Tea was thrown into their lap resulting in a burns injury.

Liability was initially denied by the cafeteria but Elisabeth pursued the case and worked hard for the client and negotiated a settlement for damages of £5,000

Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accidents can have serious consequences for those involved.  Our Personal Injury team at Rothera Sharp have acted for many clients who have been injured in road traffic accidents.

Elisabeth Halls was successful in securing compensation in the region of £60,000 for a client after she suffered a serious injury to their dominant arm as a result of a road traffic accident.

Our client was in her early 20s and had a manual job so the accident impacted on her ability to carry out her work.  However, her employers continued to keep her at work so her loss of earnings claim was not so large.

As a result of Elisabeth’s persistence and great effort, the damages she received was increased by £20,000 from the original damages offer.

Public Liability – Local Authority

Rebecca Emeleus acted for a client who had a case against his local authority.

He worked for the local Council and had a slipping accident on some water whilst at work. He sustained a nasty knee injury that was likely to cause problems for him in the future.

The local authority initially denied liability, fighting it all the way to trial saying that they did not accept there was water on the floor. Rebecca won the Claimant’s case and he was awarded in excess of £40,000 compensation plus an additional allowance for interest.

Our proactive Personal Injury team of very experienced lawyers work hard for clients to ensure they receive the compensation and the medical support they deserve and need.


Road Traffic

Elisabeth Halls recently settled a case for in excess of £50,000 for a client who was hit by a car as she crossed the road.  She suffered spinal and head injuries as a result of the incident and was in hospital for 2 weeks.  On leaving hospital she was left with back pain and some memory problems. Although liability was denied, a settlement was reached by negotiation so the client was able to access the treatment she needed.


Public Liability

Recently, Rebecca Emeleus was able to secure a settlement in a case involving a client who had sustained serious injuries to his wrist after a fall.

He had been walking on the pavement outside a bar when as he passed a large industrial bin his feet became entangled with plastic which was on the floor and he fell. The case proceeded on the basis that the plastic had fallen out of the bar’s overflowing bin on to the pavement. After much negotiation with the Defendant they admitted liability.

The Client sustained multiple fractures of his wrist and developed further complications. This had a great effect on his life and hobbies as he had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the development of medical complications as a consequence of the injury were indeed an unusual feature of this case and it was therefore essential that this aspect was taken into account when addressing the general damages aspect of the case as although the fracture had resolved the effects of the injury was ongoing. Our client was awarded the sum of £17,000.


Children’s Accidents

Elisabeth Halls acted for a child who sustained dental injuries in a car accident and we had to wait until the child reached 21 years of age in order to settle the case due of the dental treatment required.

At the end of the case the client received in excess of £30,000 as well as the cost of past dental treatment


Accident at Work

Elisabeth Halls is currently acting for a client who suffered significant, life changing injuries whilst at work.  The claim for damages for our client are in excess of £500,000 as he will not be able to work again in his preferred profession so is losing a considerable sum in future income.  This case in on-going