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Notary Public – qualified Notaries to help you…

Notaries are qualified legal professionals who are authorised to practice Notary work.  They are impartial and legally trained specialists in document verification and who are required to authenticate / certify documents required for use outside of the UK.  A Notary’s standing  means that his signature and seal are recognised internationally as evidence of a responsible legal officer.

Some overseas legal transactions also require certificates and documents to be authenticated or witnessed by a Notary. Rothera Sharp has qualified Notaries ready to provide this service.

You will need a Notary when:

  • documents will be used in another country
  • documents require legalisation
  • translations of documents will be used in another country
  • buying property abroad
  • litigating in foreign courts
  • lost passport, birth certificates and change of name certificates
  • education certificates to be used abroad
  • sponsorship & immigration forms
  • marriage certificates & confirmation of single status

Fees for Notarial services are laid down by the Notaries Society and further advice on costs can be given by calling us on 0800 088 6280.

Take a look at our Free PDF Guide to Notarial Services.

Notaries Public – contact details

Our Notary Public is Richard Hammond who is based at our City Centre office. E-mail Richard Hammond or call on 0800 088 6280

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