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Speeding Offences – Have you been charged with a speeding offence?

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We regularly appear before the courts of England and Wales and travel nationwide representing ordinary motorists and professional drivers charged with speeding and other motoring offences.

Offences of exceeding the speed limit are one of the most common type of road traffic offence.  The penalties can vary from a driver awareness course, points on your licence or in the worst case scenario a driving ban/period of disqualification.

With most speeding offences, the penalty shall depend on how far over the speed limit you were driving.  Other factors taken into consideration are whether you already have penalty points endorsed on your licence, particularly if you are nearing 12 penalty points over a 3 year period.






In the majority of cases, drivers caught speeding will be issued a fixed penalty notice which carries a fine of £100 and penalty points on your driving licence.   However, the court could in more serious cases endorse with 5 or 6 penalty points and if you already have penalty points endorsed on your licence, this may present difficulty if you are likely to face 12 penalty points or more in a 3 year period.  In such circumstances, it may then be appropriate to advance an exceptional hardship argument in order to try and keep your licence, rather than face the usual minimum mandatory 6 month driving ban under the totting up provisions for a first totting disqualification.

In certain cases it may be appropriate to challenge the reliability of the radar gun or laser speed detection device.  Alternatively, it may be appropriate to challenge the evidence of any police officers.  We can also advise on evidence generally relating to warnings of speed traps, signage etc.

The Magistrates will have to assess the seriousness of the offence and we can also advise upon the factors and circumstances that the Magistrates will wish to hear about.  In less serious cases, we can deal with the court by way of a statement in mitigation if the offence is accepted.  This may dispense with any need for court attendance.  Alternatively if you are seeking preliminary advice only we strongly advise that you speak to us at the earliest opportunity.

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Our vast knowledge and expertise will allow us to assess the best way forward for your case that takes into account all of your circumstances.  This can be particularly crucial if you have already accumulated penalty points.

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