Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law – an alternative approach.

More and more people are seeking an alternative to a court-based solution. At Rothera Sharp we are committed to helping you reach the very best solutions together, to ease the pain of relationship breakdown and create the best chance of a happier future.

When families separate Collaborative Law helps reduce the emotional cost to couples and their children. It involves couples working together to find a fair solution. Rather than dealing only through solicitors, both partners sit down together face-to-face, together with their solicitors, to make decisions about the future. This process provides all of the benefits of having your own independent legal advisor, but you set the agenda and the pace without the threat of court proceedings hanging over you.

For this process to be effective you and your former partner need to share a genuine desire to make it work, a willingness to tell the truth about your financial situation and a commitment to reach a solution without going to court.

Collaborative Family Law advice

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