Transport Manager Public Inquiries

At Rothera Sharp we have years of experience representing Transport Managers called to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner. Because of this, we understand how harmful losing your good repute can be to your reputation and your livelihood. Our specialist transport lawyers leave no stone unturned to protect your good repute and your professional competence.

We offer free initial consultations and fixed fees.


Reasons to be called to a Transport Manager Public Inquiry

The Traffic Commissioner can call you to a Public Inquiry if they have concerns that you:

  • are not meeting your duties as a Transport Manager
  • are a Transport Manager “in name only”
  • have criminal convictions
  • have misled the DVSA or Traffic Commissioner
  • are not keeping your vehicles fit and roadworthy
  • have failed to identify and act on drivers hours offences
  • are applying to lift a period of disqualification

The Traffic Commissioner can decide to hold a combined Inquiry for both a Transport Manager and an operator. In addition they can choose to hold driver conduct hearings at the same time.

Any Inquiry will usually follow a DVSA compliance investigation.


Public Inquiry Outcomes

The Traffic Commissioners have the power to decide that you are no longer of good repute and/or are no longer professionally competent.  If this happens you will be unable to continue as a transport manager. In addition, the Commissioner can ban you from being a Transport Manager for a period of time.


How we Can Help

At Rothera Sharp our specialist transport solicitors will:

  • meet with you to discuss your case
  • advise you on what you can do to improve your prospects at Inquiry
  • liaise with the DVSA and Traffic Commissioner’s Office on your behalf
  • represent you at your Public Inquiry hearing

Finally, for more information speak to one of our transport and Public Inquiry solicitors on 01159106218 or email