Taxi & Limousine Licences

Taxi & Limousine Licences

Taxi Licences

In order to operate as a taxi business, you first need to obtain a PHV Operator’s Licence from your Local Authority if you want to run a business as a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Operator.  You will also need the driver & vehicle licences if you are working as a one person operator.

PHV Operator Licences last for a maximum of 5 years, driver licences for up to 3 years, and vehicle licences for up to one year.

The driver, vehicle and operator must all be licensed by the same Authority.

Penalties if your Licence is refused

 Your PHV Licence can be refused if the Authority is not satisfied that you meet its criteria of a “fit and proper person”, or if you do not accept the conditions it sets.

You can appeal to a Magistrates’ Court if:-

  • Your application has been refused; or
  • The Licensing Authority has suspended, taken away or refused to renew your licence.

Rothera Sharp’s Road Transport Solicitors can work closely with you to ensure that you have the correct licences in place and help with any appeal if your licence is compromised and penalties are imposed by your Local Authority.  Our dedicated Transport Law Team regularly acts for those that operate taxi companies across the UK.


Limousines must be run by a Licensed Operator unless they are being hired out without a driver.

For small limousines, those with fewer than 9 passenger seats, you will need a PHV Operator’s Licence.  This is different inside London and outside London and Rothera Sharp can help you accordingly to ensure that you have the correct licensing in place.

For large limousines, those with 9 or more passenger seats, you will need to obtain a Public Sector Vehicle (PSV) Operator’s Licence.

The majority of large limousines also come in scope of the EU Drivers’ Hours Rules because of the way that they are operated.  When this is the case, the vehicle will also require a tachograph.

Penalties for not having the correct licence

 Limousines can be destroyed or confiscated if they are not correctly licensed or your vehicles are not properly insured.  For other offences you can be prosecuted and fined.

Further Information – Taxi & Limousine Licences

If you require further information on how to apply for a taxi or limousine licence, or if you have received penalties associated with incorrect licences or require help with driver licensing, please contact our Road Transport Law Team.  Call today on 0115 910 6218 or email