Preliminary Hearings with the Traffic Commissioner

We represent operators called to preliminary hearings with the Traffic Commissioner and senior team leader (STL) interviews.

A preliminary hearing is a chance to put to rest any concerns that the Commissioner may have with your operation without the matter escalating to a full Public Inquiry.

Our lawyers will work closely with you before your hearing to gather evidence and to address any areas of concern. We will represent you at your preliminary hearing  and help you to present you case.

If you have an upcoming STL interview we will help you to prepare for it and accompany you to the meeting to present you evidence.


Reasons to be called to a Preliminary Hearing

The Traffic Commissioner preliminary hearings take place when there are concerns over the way you manage your transport business. Common reasons can include:

  • a poor MOT pass rate or OCRS score
  • maintenance or drivers hours problems or prohibitions
  • a failure to notify a change of maintenance provider or company director
  • lack of financial standing
  • tachograph infringements

Sometimes the Traffic Commissioner will call a preliminary hearing following a DVSA investigation. However they can also arise from an unsatisfactory desk based assessment by the Remote Enforcement Office (REO).

Whatever the reason, our transport lawyers can help.


Senior Team Leader Interviews

An STL interview is a meeting with a senior team leader from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. It will typically be held if there are concerns that require an explanation but cannot easily be dealt with through correspondence.

We can advise you on appropriate assurances and undertakings that can be offered to allay the Commissioner’s concerns.


Our Approach

Whether you have a preliminary hearing or a senior team leader interview coming up, our team can help. We will work closely with your business to address concerns and resolve problems. Whilst we do not believe in taking an unnecessarily antagonistic approach, we will always examine all options to get you the best outcome possible.

We provide free initial consultations and offer fixed fees. Speak to one of our transport lawyers today on 01159106218 or email