DVSA Investigations and Prosecutions

Specialist legal representation for transport businesses undergoing DVSA investigations and prosecutions

 At Rothera Sharp, our specialist transport and regulatory lawyers have decades of experience representing businesses and individuals undergoing regulatory investigation and prosecution by the DVSA.

We provide a truly nationwide service. Our clients include

  • Goods vehicle and passenger transport (PSV) operator licence holders
  • Company directors
  • Transport managers
  • Professional drivers

The DVSA are the “Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency” – formerly VOSA.

Free initial consultations and fixed fees available.

We advise and represent transport businesses at all stages of DVSA investigations, including:

  • Operating centre inspections
  • Fleet, maintenance and compliance record inspections
  • Interviews and questioning “under caution”
  • Public Inquiry hearings with the Traffic Commissioner
  • Criminal prosecutions at the Magistrates and Crown Courts
  • Roadside stops, inspections and PG9s
  • Document production requests

 Our Approach

Undergoing a DVSA regulatory or criminal investigation can be an extremely stressful process. In many cases it can bring to light compliance failings of which the directors of the business were wholly unaware. Fast, effective action at an early stage can have a significant positive impact on the outcome.

Our transport solicitors work closely with our clients to help navigate the road transport and operator licensing regulatory regime. We understand the devastating effect Public Inquiries and criminal prosecutions can have on businesses, reputations and livelihoods.

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 Offences and Infringements

Common offences that can arise from DVSA investigations include:

  • Drivers’ hours and tachograph offences
  • Vehicle maintenance failings and PG9s
  • Failing to keep proper records
  • Operating from an unauthorised operating centre
  • Changing maintenance provider without informing the Traffic Commissioner
  • Overloading or insecure loading offences

Our Involvement

Our road transport lawyers assist transport businesses at every stage of the investigatory process, including:

Early Investigation

At the early DVSA investigation stage we will:

  • Engage directly with the DVSA Traffic or Vehicle Examiner to seek further information about the investigation and to try resolve issues
  • Attend any interview under caution and seek prior information about the questions that will be asked
  • Identify any compliance failings and help to rectify them going forward

Traffic Commissioner Inquiries

If compliance failings or offences come to light as a result of the investigation, the matter will usually be referred up to the Traffic Commissioner. Our transport lawyers:

Magistrates and Crown Courts Prosecutions

If the investigation identifies serious transport offences, including drivers’ hours infringements, overloading and record falsification, a criminal prosecution may commence. Our specialist transport defence advocates:

  • Advise and represent company directors and individuals at the Magistrates and Crown Courts on both contested trials and guilty pleas
  • Advise on the strength of the evidence, prospects of appeal, and any likely sentence

Our separate motoring defence team can also assist with all private motoring defence matters.

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