Driver Conduct Hearings

Driver Conduct Hearings: Protecting your Professional Drivers’ Licence

As a professional HGV or PSV driver, your professional drivers licence is regulated by the Traffic Commissioner. If the Commissioner has concerns over your conduct, they may call you to a driver conduct hearing. At that hearing the Commissioner will ask you about the allegations, and may choose to take action against your licence. This can include revoking it, suspending it, or issuing a formal warning. Our transport advocates have years of experience representing drivers at conduct hearings across the UK.

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Reasons to be Called to a Driver Conduct Hearing

A driver may be called to a driver conduct hearing for a wide range of reasons, for example:

  1. A period of driving disqualification has come to an end and you want your class 1 and 2 entitlements back
  2. Tachograph offences have taken place
  3. You have incurred motoring points or convictions either at work or in your private car, for example:
    1. Drink driving
    2. Using a mobile phone
    3. Speeding
    4. Failing to provide driver details
  4. You are applying for a new licence but have serious criminal convictions on your record

The conduct requirements for PCV licence holders are even stricter.

For this reason, many drivers choose to be represented at their hearing by a transport solicitor. A court hearing can be a stressful experience, particularly if you are not used to speaking in public. We will help you to present your case and explain the full circumstances to the Commissioner. We will also advise you what action you can take prior to the hearing to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.


Penalties arising from a Driver Conduct Hearing

In deciding whether you meet the test of “fitness” to hold a licence, Traffic Commissioners will have regard to the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance Documents.  Penalties can range from a formal warning through to a suspension or revocation of your licence.

In some cases, a driver conduct hearing will take place after a conviction in the criminal courts. This is commonly the case for tachograph and motoring offences. In these cases, our transport solicitors can represent you at both a driver conduct hearing and at the Magistrates or Crown Court.

At other times, a driver conduct hearing may be combined with a Public Inquiry for your employer . Understandably this can be very stressful. Legal representation is essential in these circumstances.

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Our motoring defence team can also assist you with any of the following:

  • Avoiding penalty point disqualifications
  • Exceptional hardship arguments
  • Drink driving
  • Mobile phone use
  • Failing to provide driver details
  • Speeding