Applying for an Operator’s Licence

Applying for an Operator’s Licence

Whether you are applying for an Operator’s Licence, or applying to vary an existing Operator’s Licence, our dedicated Road Transport Solicitors can help and advise you of what is required.

If you are operating goods vehicles above 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight being used on public roads to carry goods for “hire or reward” or on “own account” then you will need to apply for an Operator’s Licence in the name of the person, partnership or company that shall be using the vehicle on a daily basis.

There are three different types of Operator’s Licence:-

  • Restricted Licence: This is available to those who carry nothing other than goods in connection with their trade or business.
  • Standard Licence: This allows carriage of goods for hire or reward but restricted solely to national transport operations in Great Britain.  Own Account Holders of such licences may also carry their own goods, but not goods for hire or reward, on international journeys.
  • Standard International Licence: This allows carriage of goods for hire or reward on both national and international journeys i.e. within Great Britain and abroad.

In addition to submitting the Operator Licence application, you are also required to:-

  • Designate a Transport Manager/CPC Holder (this is not required for a restricted licence).
  • Obtain permission to park at the Operating Centre from the Owner or Landlord if not owned or leased.
  • Advertise a Statutory Notice in a newspaper in free circulation in the area of the Operating Centre. This Notice should advertise the Operating Centre and invite objections about it and it should appear at least once in the 21 days before/21 days after making your application.
  • Provide a signed agreement or details of in-house maintenance in regards to the maintenance of vehicles, including a copy of the inspection sheet that shall be used.
  • Provide original bank statements for 28 days showing the fleet can be properly maintained through the Applicant having access to sufficient funds i.e. meeting financial standing.
  • Pay a fee for applying for the Operator’s Licence (currently £257 for the application plus a fee of £401 for the issue of the licence).

We can assist you with any new application or an application to vary an existing licence.  We can help prepare your application or check your application once prepared.  We can advise upon any issues surrounding the submission of your application and advise on the most appropriate licence for you.  Rothera Sharp regularly act for a wide range of clients with transport requirements and can help and advise you on the process and procedures.

Although most Applicants are looking to obtain a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence, we can also assist if you need a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Operator’s Licence.

Applying for an Operator’s Licence – further information

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