Our Employment Law Team have many years of experience advising employees facing individual and collective redundancies. We are very familiar with challenging redundancy selection as well as tactics to maximise redundancy compensation pay.

If unfortunately you have to make employees redundant it is very important to follow the correct procedure. We can advise and assist you throughout this complicated and difficult process. Any employee dismissed by reason of redundancy continuously employed for two years or more is entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. The amount is based on weekly gross pay, age and length of service. Calculations of redundancy payments are available on

Protecting against employment claims

Employers must follow the correct redundancy procedure or risk an Employment Tribunal ruling that a genuine redundancy is unfair dismissal. It is expensive and time consuming to have to defend Employment Tribunal claims. Early advice from us can ensure that the proper procedures are followed to avoid, as much as possible, claims being brought.

See our Employment Law Guide in the list of key documents to the right of this page.

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