Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes – seek the advice you need today with Rothera Sharp.

Boundary disputes are a common occurrence and can be very stressful for home-owners. They arise for a number of reasons and often as a result of people not understanding how their boundaries relate to their title plans. However, we can help you to understand the situation and offer solutions – Rothera Sharp can bring you peace of mind.

Our dedicated Dispute Resolution team has a wealth of experience in assisting clients with boundary and right of way disputes. We regularly act for landowners, homeowners and commercial property owners.

We can also provide the added benefit of Mediation services.  The team can help you solve problems with neighbours by talking through the matter and working with all parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Why do disputes arise?

Disputes sometimes arise when one neighbour decides to extend their boundary or occupies land that does not in fact, belong to them. This can be completely unintentional or it can be a deliberate act to secure additional land.

Boundary disputes can quickly spiral out of control and it is vital that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

The Dispute Resolution Team at Rothera Sharp can help! We can advise you regarding the disputed boundary / land and find supporting evidence where applicable.  This may help you to secure a satisfactory result to your matter.

Our Dispute Resolution team has also built up relationships with land surveyors with vast expertise in boundary disputes. They may be able to assess the disputed boundary and give advice as to who owns the land or where the boundary lies.

Boundary Disputes – Further Information

Don’t let boundary disputes be the cause of your stress.  Contact our Dispute Resolution Team on 0800 088 6280 or email