Letter Before Action

We normally start a new case by sending a Letter Before Action asking the debtor to pay in full within a specified time, and stating in no uncertain terms that in default, Court proceedings will be started and will include a claim for costs, fees and interest.

Unless you say otherwise, in all commercial debt recovery cases we will include a claim for interest and compensation costs under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Alternatively, we will claim interest at the relevant rate set out in your terms and conditions.

When you instruct us to send a letter before action, we will:

  • Carry out a full credit check on your debtor if they are a company using our in-house facility;
  • Carry out an insolvency search if your debtor is an individual;
  • Calculate any interest payable arising from your terms and conditions or late payment interest & costs from the due date of each invoice;
  • Send a letter before action on the same day of instructions, provided your instructions are received before 2pm;
  • Acknowledge your full instructions by email to confirm that the letter before action has been sent out, by what method and with details of the amount demanded including interest and costs if and where appropriate.

When the deadline in the letter expires we will contact you to check whether payment has been received, and if not we will advise you about your further options and the next course of action.

Letter Before Action – Further Information

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