Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Solicitors – Our Law Firm is ready to act for you!

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It can be time consuming for managers to chase bad debts. Rothera Sharp are here to help. Our specialist Team will support your business practices by offering a cost effective debt recovery / collection service that is tailored for you. View our fees page for debt recovery services.

We specialise in commercial debt recovery for businesses, credit control and rent recovery on both residential and commercial properties. We collect debts for our clients both within the UK and overseas.

Rothera Sharp are members of the international debt collectors and lawyers association “League International for Creditors” which strengthens our capabilities in cross border debt collections matters.

Take Prompt Action

Our primary objective is to recover your money at minimal cost to you. Whether you require a strongly worded letter or a more pro-active debt recovery solution, our experienced Solicitors are on hand to arrange everything for you. By taking prompt action you take control back.

The team also offers pro-active advice and support on ensuring your terms and conditions of business minimise the risks of bad debts for the future. We will pursue late payers and non-payers quickly and efficiently. We will give you a true picture of your rights and your chances of success, before we launch into action.

Debt Recovery Law Firm – Guidance & Support

If you would like further information contact our team without obligation by calling the Debt Recovery team on 0800 088 6280 or email


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