Commercial Agents

The relationship between Principal and Commercial Agent can often be complex. Nottingham Law Firm, Rothera Sharp Solicitors can provide the solutions and the information you need.

Commercial agents can be valuable to any business. By working for a number of clients, or because of his contacts, a commercial agent can extend the marketing reach of the business and bring in customers which it otherwise could not obtain. However, commercial agents enjoy substantial legal protection which is not unlike that given to employees. Both parties need to be aware of the position.

This is a sector specialism of Rothera Sharp and we have been providing advice to Agents and Principals for many years across Nottingham and the UK.  This is an area that requires particularly detailed knowledge and where the advice of an experienced lawyer is vital.

Our free Guide provides a comprehensive overview of this area of the law and can be found at Guide to Commercial Agents.

The Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 affect all aspects of agency law. Our advice can steer you through the law, whether you are an agent whose rights are affected or a principal seeking advice

Our team regularly act for a number of leading businesses and have recovered significant sums for agents by way of compensation or indemnity payments.

Further Information

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