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Rothera Sharp Personal Injury team includes specialists with extensive experience in working with individuals who have suffered with life changing injuries as a result of an accident or assault. Click the profiles on the images of our Serious Injury team to find out more about their recent cases and how they can help you if you have sustained a serious injury:

Elisabeth Halls

Wayne Vickers - Rothera Sharp Solicitors, Nottingham
Wayne Vickers

Rebecca Emeleus - Rothera Sharp Solicitors, Nottingham
Rebecca Emeleus

Wayne Vickers – 12 Years of experience working on Serious Injury Claims

Wayne has been working on serious injury claims since 2007 and has developed a wide range of experience and expertise on cases that have a serious and often immediate impact on the individual’s ability to continue their life as it was previously. Wayne is diligent yet efficient in his ability to assess the clients requirements accurately so that they can begin the recovery and rehabilitation process as quickly as possible with as little stress and additional impact.

Wayne’s recent cases include:

  • Child pedestrian hit by a car: causing a spinal cord injury that has resulted in permanent wheelchair dependence, with a  serious head injury in addition, causing a permanent cognitive defecit. Interim payment in excess of £800,000 secured to date, which includes the cost of re-housing the child in an adapted house. Final settlement is projected to be seven figures.
  • Elderly lady slipped in a well-known high street retailer due to wet floor with no system of inspection and cleaning: lady fractured her hip requiring a hip replacement, resulting in permanent mobility issues. She will require alternative accommodation as a result. The case is likely to settle in the region of £500,000.
  • Accident at work within a factory: Whilst walking through the manufacturing plant, a metal wire snapped under tension. The wire catapulted through the air before penetrating the client’s chest causing reduced lung capacity and a slight permanent disadvantage on the open labour market. Case settled for £40,000.
  • Road traffic accident settled for £39,000: The client was struck by a hybrid car whilst walking through the car park of a well known cricket ground, resulting in a dislocated knee, requiring ligament reconstruction surgery.
  • Care home accident settled for £20,000: A woman who was previously cared for at home by a relative. Her bed at home had side rails to protect her from falling. Her family placed her within a care home for a period of respite care. The care home unknown to the woman’s family carried out an insufficient risk assessment, resulting in the home failing to provide a bed with side rails. The lady subsequently rolled out of bed resulting in a fractured hip.

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Rebecca Emeleus – Over 24 Years of experience working on Serious Injury Claims

Rebecca is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and is a partner of Rothera Sharp as well as head of the Personal Injury team. She has in excess of 24 years’ experience in representing injured people. Initially working on major clinical negligence group actions early on in her career she has been involved in Court of Protection work and represents claimants, including children, who have sustained catastrophic and life changing injuries in respect of all types of accidents including road traffic and farming. Rebecca has also dealt with complex injury cases involving the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Rebecca regularly undertakes pro bono work advising at various advice centres across local communities. She believes strongly in helping injured people gain access to treatment and rehabilitation as well as addressing their financial needs for the future.

Rebecca’s recent cases include:

  • Accident at work: Acted for a claimant who sustained a serious leg injury at work which will have implications on her future ability to work. The case continues but it is likely that damages will be settled in excess of £500,000.
  • Public Liability: Client sustained a nasty permanent shoulder injury after a trip in a retail store and requires adaptations to house as well as a care package in the future. Likely to settle in excess of £300,000.
  • Workplace accident settled for £30,000: Secured a £30,000 settlement for a client who sustained multiple crushing injuries to arm, leg, hips and head after being crushed by equipment at work
  • Boat explosion: Claimant sustained nasty burns and psychological injuries as a result of a boat explosion. Case settled in excess of £15,000.
  • Road Traffic Accident: Currently acting for a cyclist who sustained a number of significant fractures after a road traffic accident. Likely to settle in excess of £50,000.

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Elisabeth Halls – 35 Years of experience working on Serious Injury Claims 

Elisabeth has been working on serious injury claims for 35 years and has developed an expertise for certain claims including traumatic brain injury, serious spinal and limb amputation claims. Elisabeth ensures that when a client has suffered a life-changing injury she provides guidance and reassurance to both the client and their family so they feel supported throughout every step of the claim’s process.

Elisabeth’s recent cases include:

  • Workplace accident settled for £350,000: Secured a £350,000 settlement for a claimant who lost four fingers in machinery after a workplace accident.
  • Multi-million settlement for a traumatic brain injury: Acted for a claimant who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a baby and will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life. The case settled when he was 18 and the settlement was for multi-millions but he is now safe and cared for, for the future.
  • Ongoing road traffic accident case: Acting for a claimant who lost a leg in a road traffic accident. An interim payment of over £200,000 has been secured to obtain suitable alternative housing and help with his prosthesis. The case continues but is likely to settle for damages in excess of £750,000.
  • Road traffic accident settled for £35,000: Recently settled a case for £35,000 for a claimant who was run over by a car and suffered multiple injuries including to his arm, wrist, fingers and pelvis.
  • Settlement of accident caused by co-worker: Settled at the court door a claim for a mild head injury suffered when a co-worker dropped a branch onto the claimant. Proceedings issued but secured a last minute settlement of £6,500.
  • Road traffic accident settled for £250,000: Claim for a cyclist who suffered serious facial injuries when he was hit by a car. The defendant funded the surgery and rehabilitation and the settlement then reached in excess of £250,000.

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