Rothera Sharp launches #Trending talks to bring intellectually stimulating topics to the public

Rothera Sharp is launching the first in a series of talks in conjunction with St Peter’s Church Nottingham that aim to bring intellectually engaging subjects into the public consciousness for thought and discussion.

#Trending will be a succession of influential talks that aim to foster an environment in which important, intellectually engaging subjects are introduced into the public arena in an accessible and lively manner. The intention of these forums is to challenge cultural stereotypes by demonstrating the ways in which academic thought, humour and discussion can and should be utilised to help us understand why we think and feel the way we do.

The first talk, taking place on Thursday 24th October will be around the topic “All You Need Is Love? Dispelling Myths about Love and Romance in Popular Culture”. Presented by Dr Christine Campbell, a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at St Mary’s University Twickenham, the theme will address the beliefs we have about relationships and how those beliefs have been changed and shaped by technology and culture. Looking across time, from the history of marriage to right up to internet dating in the Tinder age, the talk will examine the notion that while some things change, love is eternal.

Jo Walchester, Head of Marketing at Rothera Sharp said: “The idea behind launching these talks was to bring a completely different concept to the events circuit in Nottingham whilst opening up conversations about topical issues that affect all of us.

“We believe that the first topic investigating myths about love and romance will not only challenge some common misconceptions about relationships but give hope to people by providing them with the opportunity to take lessons from the research and apply it to their own lives. We hope that this talk will help the audience to understand and navigate the complex nature of relationships a little better and come away with some inspiring messages about the future of love.”

“All You Need Is Love? Dispelling Myths about Love and Romance in Popular Culture” is free to attend and is open to the public. The event will begin at St Peter’s Church at 6:00pm with networking and refreshments, followed by the talk from 6:45pm to 7:30pm and an audience Q&A afterwards at 7:30pm.

To book your free place or find out more about #Trending: All You Need Is Love? visit:

Jo Walchester - Marketing & Business Development Manager

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