Patent fees: are you on board with the new fees?

There are big changes on the way around patent fees. On 6 April 2018, the Government is introducing a number of changes to the fees for applying for patent protection and renewing granted patents.

Customers wishing to make payments before the introduction of the new fees should note that the Intellectual Property Office is closed for business on Monday 2 April 2018 as this date is a public holiday in the UK.

The following patents fee changes are being introduced on 6 April 2018:

– Increase to the application fee, and introduction of a 25% surcharge if it is not paid at the time of filing.

– Increase to the fees for search and substantive examination.

– Increased discount for each of the above fees when they are filed electronically.

– Introduction of an excess claims fee.

– Introduction of an excess pages fee.

– A £10 increase to renewal fees for each of years 12 to 20.

Applicants should bear in mind that they will need to pay the fees applicable at the time the application enters the national phase. The applicant may, therefore, need to request early entry into the national phase in order to benefit from the current (pre-6th April 2018) fees for search and substantive examination.

Where a substantive examination is requested on an international application (UK) which has entered the UK national phase and was not originally in English, the substantive examination will be based on the English language translation. The number of pages of description in the English language version should, therefore, be used to calculate the excess pages fee.

If you need any help, guidance or more information on these new patent fees, please do get in touch.

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