Rothera Sharp employee prepares to get locked up for Notts Hospice ‘Jail and Bail’ campaign

How much do you like the people you work with? One of our members of staff is about to find out as she gets locked up for charity-and has to rely on the goodwill of her colleagues to raise bail to set her free!

Jo Walchester, Rothera Sharp’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, will be taking part in Nottinghamshire Hospice’s ‘Jail & Bail’ event on Thursday 28th February, which will see her locked into a cell at the National Justice Museum for several hours to pay for her “crimes”.

‘Jail & Bail’ is part of the Hospice’s Hoodwinked campaign, and will see a number of local business people and other personalities arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham, then tried at the criminal court in the National Justice Museum where they will join Robin Hood in the dock, before being thrown in the cells.

The offences of the criminals will be determined by their colleagues; in Jo’s case this includes her occasional quick-tempered email responses. Hecklers are also encouraged to be present at the trials of the accused to add even more authenticity to the proceedings and see off the criminals as they prepare to do time for their crime.

Nottinghamshire Hospice is a charity that provides end of life care and emotional support for adults in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The charity has to raise £2.7 million a year, the equivalent of £7000 every day to keep meeting the needs of its patients who have terminal or life-limiting illnesses, as well as their loved ones. The money raised from the ‘Jail & Bail’ campaign will go towards ensuring that the hospice can continue to provide all of its services free of charge.

Jo said: “I am delighted to be taking part in Nottinghamshire Hospice’s Jail & Bail campaign; I’ll be spending my jail time thinking about my heinous crime of firing off one too many hot-headed emails, and I’m sure my colleagues will delight in their temporary respite from my keyboard warrior ways! I’m really impressed by the work the hospice does to facilitate the care and support of people with life-limiting illnesses and their families-the staff and facilities are second to none. My dad passed away when I was very young and I have always wanted to help raise money for a hospice similar to the one he spent time in.”

To play a part in Jo’s release, contribute to the cause by visiting:

Jo Walchester - Marketing & Business Development Manager

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