Compression tights and Formula 1 – when two worlds collide

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the glamorous world of Formula 1 is immune to trademark battles, such is the way its competitors and followers sashay across the globe for large parts of the year.

However, just a few short months after introducing its new logo, the organisation looks to be headed for a lengthy battle with industrial giant 3M.

The new logo for Formula 1 was unveiled at last year’s final race of the season in Abu Dhabi and was seen as a break with the Bernie Ecclestone era. It was panned by many high-profile figures in the sport, including Lewis Hamilton. However, it was also noted that it looks very similar to an existing logo used by a line of specialist products, braces and compression tights called Futuro, which is owned by 3M.

Reports in The Daily Telegraph say that 3M filed its own logo trademark application last year – crucially before Formula 1 registered its updated image.

A 3M spokesman said: “3M filed a US trademark application for the Futuro logo on Feb 20 2017. Also, we have not had any discussions about the logo with the other party. We are looking into this matter further.”

There appears to be little crossover between the world of compression tights and motor racing, but, in our experience, where logos and trademarks are concerned, little is off the table as far as disputes are concerned and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this spat reached the courts.

If you’re concerned that your logo might have been copied in any way – even if you don’t run one of the world’s largest Motorsports jamborees, please do get in touch.

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Richard Hammond - Rothera Sharp Solicitors Nottingham